Spicy Packets Designed to Spicy Packets Designed to Improve Quality of Food in Travel and Camping Markets of Food in Travel and Camping Markets

The most important question we want to answer is WHY? Why should I use Spicy Packets? Why are Spicy Packets better?

What most consumers don’t understand is that herbs and spices don’t last. The big spice companies don’t want you to know this, but because of their incredibly high margins they continue to sell you huge jars of herbs and spices. Take a look at your spice rack. Can you honestly say how old most of them are? Would you know if they had gone bad or rancid? We equate the aging jars of spice sitting in your cupboard to glorified containers of dust or even worse.

Spices start to go bad the second they are processed and even the most potent spice will only taste ‘good’ for 6 months. Exposure to air and light cause any organic substance to degrade and packaging spices in large, clear jars like the big companies do furthers that exposure. These companies have brainwashed the average consumer into thinking this is alright and continue to sell way too much of an inferior product you will never use up when it is good. Spicy Packets changes the corporate machine of herbs and spices. We import only the finest spices from all over the world and package them as soon as they are received. By placing the spices in this innovative, high barrier packaging we protect our delicate ingredients from air and light and because they are packaged in small quantities you will use all of the product before it goes bad when it tastes best. Not only are Spicy Packets fresh, they are convenient. They are small so you can pack them in a suitcase or backpack and take them wherever you want. They are also pre-measured so you know how much you are adding to that favorite recipe. Spicy Packets give you the freshest possible ingredients whenever and wherever you need them and they will save you money, because you will only buy what you need when you need it.

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